Tips to Get the Cheapest Offer on Car Finance to Save Money
admin July 5, 2021

Buying a new car requires substantial investment with a commitment for the long term. Therefore, even the little savings will create an impact on the overall cost of the car. You need some expert guidance through the whole process if you want a vehicle that suits your requirement within the budget.

However, the auto experts are not available in every social circle and hiring their service may seem unnecessary. To your relief, there are thousands of articles and tutorials on the internet to help you with the process.

Here, we will discuss some tips to save money before and after you visit the dealership on car finance in Ireland.

Tips to Save Money before You Visit the Dealership

You should have a plan in place before visiting the dealership to buy a new car. It will help you counter the representative's sales technique and find the perfect car for your requirements. Following are some tips to save money before the visit to the dealership.

Create a Budget

You should start with a budget after going through the finances. It will help you create a long-term plan to manage the installments for the duration of the loan. Also, it will help if you have the right back up to continue the repayment during financial troubles.

It is important to consider different expenses while coming up with the budget. The final cost of your car will include its value, taxes, insurance, and maintenance. Therefore, keep in mind the other expenses while coming up with the budget for a car.

Find the Right Vehicle

Once the budget is established, you can narrow down your search for a new car. There is plenty of make and models available in the market for a price range. However, it will come to your requirement to find the ideal car for your budget.

You should first decide the type of vehicle-based on your lifestyle and family size. The fuel type, engine power, safety features, and other important features will come later. You must stick to the requirements to significant money on the purchase.

Used or New

The majority prefer new cars because they don't want to take the risk with used vehicles. They have a manufacturer warranty for components, and the performance is uncompromised. Moreover, the features are modern to enhance the overall experience while driving.

For the used cars, they make more sense to save money on the overall cost. You can save thousands of euros with the same make and model on used car finance. However, you should focus on the inspection to avoid major repair expenses and ensure the vehicle's internal components are in good shape.

Resale Value of Car

It is less likely for a driver to use the same vehicle for its complete lifecycle. Thus, it would help if you consider the resale value of the car before deciding on the vehicle. It will help you get more money to sell it in the future that you can consider as saving money.

Numerous factors determine the resale value of a car in the market. Their performance, endurance, maintenance, and fuel efficiencies are the most prominent among the others. In addition, the availability of spare parts and service centers will help buyers put a better price for your vehicle.

Prepare for the Upcoming Expenses

You should prepare your finances for the upcoming expenses after the purchase of a vehicle. A car will require fuel to run on the roads, and it is not cheap. Therefore, your budget should have enough money allocated to fuel costs.

Moreover, the maintenance of some cars is very heavy with frequent services and repairs. You should avoid a vehicle with high maintenance if you cannot afford it. It will only result in financial troubles in the future.

Improve the Profile

You should try to improve your profile to get better offers from lenders. Your profile is dominated by your credit history, income, and down payment. These factors decide the interest rates, terms, and approval amount.

You can start with the credit history to build the perfect profile for your loan application. Start with making the repayments on time to avoid negative markers on your credit history. Though, the direct lenders will provide the loan regardless of your credit history if you can afford the instalments.

It is recommended to save the highest amount possible for the down payment of your vehicle. It will increase the equity over the asset to repay the loan faster or get a better offer while refinancing. Moreover, the lenders will get satisfied with your financial credibility to offer finance in Ireland at a better interest rate.

Tips to Save Money on Car Finance in the Dealership

Your planning will require execution once you step foot in the dealership. It is easy to get tempted with the new cars on display and some oversold add-ons by the salesmen. Therefore, you should keep in mind the following tips while dealing with the dealership.

Look for Options

A locality has plenty of car dealerships with varying customer experiences. You should check their reviews on the internet to get the best price and after-sales service. However, only a few people check the online reviews for dealerships even though they check the reviews for brands for a minor purchase.

Another aspect of the purchase that will require small research of the market is the lender. You can avoid the banks and lenders from a dealership if they are offering exorbitant interest rates. Direct lenders are another alternative to get car finance for the unemployed to meet your financial requirement.


You should negotiate with the dealership to get the best vehicle price. They make heavy profits on a single sale that includes their charges and the incentive of the salesman. Therefore, there is a heavy scope of saving money with the right negotiation strategies.

You can learn the art of negotiation from your friends or the online community. It is not easy to negotiate in front of professionals with years of experience in handling customers. Thus, you should have a backup plan that can include a person who can take charge in your place.

Avoid the Brokers

The dealers and finance brokers help the buyers find the car finance provider without the need to apply to different lenders. They facilitate the whole process that includes preparing a good profile for your application. However, you don’t need them to get a loan on your car purchase.

You can contact direct lenders or banks to eliminate the role of brokers in the process. It will help you save money on their fees and get a personalized offer. Moreover, you can ask for additional favors such as repayment holidays with direct communication.

Do Not Mention Trade-In

Your old vehicle will help you improve the affordability of the loan. It will have a resale value that will reduce the financial stress of the loan application. Some people use trade-in to get a better offer from their dealer.

It is indeed a smart decision to reduce the final price of the vehicle at the dealership. However, you should use the trade-in card at the end of the negotiation. It will help you get a better price even after it seems like the final offer from the dealer.

Avoid Add-Ons

The salesmen will recommend plenty of add-ons to increase their incentive from the transaction. Their sales skill will make the needless item seem essential for the buyer. However, you should avoid them if they bring no value to the experience.

Your requirement list will be useful to get the essential add-ons for your ride. Though, the dealership may have overpriced items because of the comfort of upgrades. It may take some effort, but you should visit the aftermarket to get better offers on the same add-ons.

Focus on the Bigger Picture to Save Money on Car Finance

People often rely on the installments to measure the affordability of the loan. They miss the bigger picture in the process as the loan duration and the other expenses decide the overall cost. You should set the priorities straight while signing the loan terms to avoid some major errors with the judgment.