Hit the road, hold the steering and take your loved ones on a long drive. Now, buying your dream car is a possibility as we offer bespoke deals on car loans in Ireland. Competitive interest rates and flexible repayments make it easier for you.

How Much You Want to Borrow


The Irish people cannot restrain their desires as new car models are coming rapidly. There is a surge in demand not only for new cars but the used cars as well. It is fine that you desire to purchase your loved car but do you have enough funds?

Yes, the financial gap is what might be restricting you from getting ownership of a car. Consequently, you have to calm down your aspiration and wait for a few months or years to ride on your own four-wheeler.

Now, there is no need to push away your aspirations because FInancealoan has brought the right financial solution for you. Avail funds through our extensive deals on car loans in Ireland.

A car loan is another personal loan you apply for when purchasing a new or used car. Your savings are not enough to buy the vehicle, and thus, you choose this loan. After borrowing the amount, you have to pay it to pack and the assigned interest rate over the confirmed period.

To qualify for these loans, you need to fulfil these requirements:

  • You should have proof of identity and residence proof as well;

  • Share your previous employment details as well as current income proof. It will allow us to prepare affordable car loans according to your income and repayment capacity;

  • Provide us with your financial information, especially regarding the bank account, as we need to transfer the funds

  • You should not be bankrupted or holding CCJ.

We have quite a simple and straightforward eligibility criterion, which anyone can qualify for.


You need the best car loans in Ireland not to miss buying your liked vehicle standing in the showroom. Therefore, as a responsible private lender in Ireland, we feel the loan applying procedure should be straightforward so that you can get funds immediately.

We have done exactly by keeping uncomplicated and 100% online procedure, involving simple steps to follow. These are:-

Know Your Credit Score

The first task that you have is to check your credit score. However, we are not too specific about your credit score. Yet, knowing the credit score is suitable for your financial health and helps in framing the apt loan deal without hurting your scores.

Explore Car Loan Calculator

It is time to use the car loan calculator to analyse how amount interest rate you have to pay on a specific loan amount. It also helps in knowing the ideal repayment period according to your income capacity.

Fulfil the eligibility criteria

Once you are clear with the interest rate and repayment schedule, your next task is to fulfil the eligibility criterion mentioned above. You do not face any difficulty in clearing each qualifying requirement.

Submit your loan application

After qualifying, you can now sit online to fill out a single-page online application form. It requires basic details to fill in and takes only 5 minutes to complete. Once you complete the form, submit it as soon as possible.

Get Same Day Approval

After receiving your loan application, we quickly work on it and share an appropriate loan quote. Give you confirmation on to the quote and get the instant loan decision from us. We also disburse the requested amount on the same day.


Car loans may differ from lender to lender, and their demand also differs from borrower to borrower. We have tried hard to prepare such deals on car loans in Ireland, where everyone should have everything to obtain.

The loan features that we ensure for you are enough to have peace of mind. These make car buying a lot easier for you.

The most prominent car loan features include:-

Variable Repayment Plans

We both decide the loan repayment schedule before the loan. You can choose any plan according to your income capacity up to a specific period.

We suggest you choose the loan repayment term only if you are sure to follow it. Any missing repayment can hurt your credit score.

Early Repayment Facility

Unlike other private agencies in Ireland for car loans, we offer the facility of making early repayment if you want to do so.

This will help you to end the loan term early and focus on other expenses. You can take full possession of the car without any hassle.

No Surprising Cost

We represent a reliable lending platform where trust is the central factor. We charge only the interest rates, decided early during the loan process.

We do not charge any upfront costs or any other fees to make you comfortable while exploring the various loan benefits.

These are only a few car loan features, and indeed, there are many. If you have any query regarding any loan deal norm, you are free to call us or email us anytime. We are already known for responding quickly to any loan query.


The car loan and any other loan require a better credit record from a person. Problems occur when someone has a bad credit score, and most lenders deny their car loan application. It is where we provide an alternative to them.

Our vast loan products include loan for a car with bad credit. This is a specific loan product, and you can go with your loan plan despite not having the perfect credit score. Instead of going through your past credit record, we approve loan application based on your monthly income and current financial performance.

The most significant part of our loan deals is that you can apply for our small car loans for bad credit without going through credit assessment. Yes, we have made it clear that we do not check your credit score if you pay all your payments on time. Your credit score is showing improvement, and you are on track with financial sincerity.

If such a thing happens, then we are ready to offer car loans with no credit check in Ireland. Still, we provide only affordable loan deals, not beyond your repayment capacity.


You cannot wait for too long to bring your desired car to your home. We will be more than happy to assist you financially in making your dream come true. We feel it is our responsibility to guide you the right way in getting the ideal deal.

Whether you approach car loans from Credit Union or a private lender like us, there is always some pros and cons that you should consider.


  • Getting a car loan opens up an opportunity to consider those cars which you earlier could not afford.
  • You can choose the repayment period according to your capacity.
  • The interest rate of the car loan is quite lower than an unsecured personal loan. It will not put an extra burden on your pocket


  • If you do not repay the loan on time, you may lose possession of the car.
  • Some lenders put restrictions on the type of car, such as new cars, sports car or used cars.
  • You may not borrow the desired amount as it depends a lot on your income capacity and creditworthiness.


Financealoan, as the reliable private lender in Ireland, guides you to choose the right deal according to your affordability. We have a variety of deals to compare car loans. At the same time, we suggest you compare two different deals on car loans rather than comparing a car loan with our quick loan or any other.

We have a good reputation in the car loan market of Ireland, and you can trust us anytime.

Here are the tips for finding out the apt loan deal for you:-

  • Compare the interest rates on two different loan deals. We have flexible interest rates, and one rate may not be applicable for everyone.
  • Compare the loan term to decide whether you need a smaller term or the longer one. It depends upon the car value that you are going to purchase.
  • Compare the repayment term and decide whether you should choose a particular one or not. Choose only one that you can follow until the loan term
  • Compare the loan type according to your affordability. If you have an asset to pledge, then you can choose a secured car loan. In case no collateral is there, you can opt for the unsecured car loan.

There is a good chance to avail of suitable loan deals to purchase your dream car. Apply now and see the difference.

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