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We regularly update our loan products so that we can fulfil the financial wishes of our prospective borrowers.

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We are not just financially assisting borrowers but try hard to satisfy their hopes with us. You could be one of them.

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Expert Financial Help

You do not need to seek anyone guidance when our financial experts are there to guide you in every step.


In a short period, Financealoan has already been among the most approached loan agencies in Ireland. The primary reason can be the acceptance for both good credit and bad credit scores. We assist our prospective borrowers through the latest online technology making things easier and straightforward for everyone.

Borrowers can opt for any loan deal for the maximum duration of 60 months (up to 5 years) and borrow up to €50000, as per their latest financial requirements.

We have worked hard to keep the lending process as obstacle-free and more direct as we can. You can go through this site and quickly get what is offering to you. You only need to decide which loan deal matches your personal needs and start applying for bespoke loans in Ireland.

You can fulfil many financial needs with our unsecured loans. These can be:

  • Consolidation of all pending debts;
  • Necessary home renovation;
  • Any household emergencies;
  • Filling financial gaps during car purchase;
  • Paying medical or unexpected bills
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The application process takes only 5 minutes from your busy schedule. Indeed, it is not only more straightforward than the traditional lending process but also faster. We take an instant decision on loan available online in Ireland. Each loan deal involves a mandatory credit check, but we do it softly to create maximum chances of guaranteed loan approval. You get the funds to your bank account on the same day, and you can use them for any financial purpose.

If you are above 18 years of age and your personal circumstances demand quick funding access, fill our one-page application form. We are the follower of a responsible lending policy and offer only affordable loans to everyone.


Financealoan has been established to create a better and accessible environment for personal loans in Ireland. We have been noticing that there is a clear lack of flexible lending options so that everyone can avail of a loan of their choice.

We aim to bring borrower-friendly personal loans that may look similar to others but different in their processing style. Our loans work on the following standards:-

You Choose the Amount

  • Analyse your current financial scenario
  • Know your repayment capacity
  • Do not apply for an amount more than your capacity /li>

You Use the Amount

  • Set your purpose to apply for a loan
  • We do not ask for your loan purpose
  • Use the amount for the exact financial need

You Pay the Amount

  • Choose your own repayment term
  • Be sensible in making all monthly instalments on time
  • Improve your credit score straightway

Other private money lenders in Ireland only offer personal loans on set terms and policies. It is mainly in the context of loan amount and repayment. Individuals now do not like this pattern, and they want flexibility in applying for a loan. Financealoan is there for you and your financial goals.


Are you wondering how to apply for loans? You do not need to worry about this. Indeed, you are here at the website of one of the most trustworthy money lenders in Dublin or any part of Ireland. Here, you have the easiest way to receive a personal loan with no biased policy but yes, arrangement for everyone. The loan process as follows:-

Easy loan process
Apply Online Way

Step 01: Apply Online Way

Complete your loan application online after choosing the loan product.

Get a Quick Loan Quote

Step 02: Get a Quick Loan Quote

You will receive an instant and obligation-free loan quote from us to your email-id.

Confirm the Loan Deal

Step 03: Confirm the Loan Deal

Give your consent to the loan deal and wait for the loan approval from our end.

Loan Approval in 15 Minutes

Step 04: Loan Approval in 15 Minutes

Our representatives work instantly on your loan application and approve it straightway.

Same Day Fund Transfer

Step 05: Same Day Fund Transfer

Once approved, you will receive the desired amount to your bank account on the same day.

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Welcome to Financealoan. We vouch for providing an apt platform where you get what you are looking for. Whether you want to approach us for short-term funding resources or much-applied personal loans in Ireland, we have everything for everyone. We offer an array of lending products targeting varied financial issues of our prospective borrowers. Loans are available for good credit, bad credit or blemished credit scores.


Usually, unsecured personal loans in Ireland online have higher interest rates and allowed for a shorter duration. At Financealoan, we have changed the trend, and now you get the loan on competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms. There are many more unsecured personal loan benefits that you receive from us:-

Unsecured personal loans ireland
Loans for Any Personal Need

Loans for Any Personal Need

Our personal loans allow you to easily pay off any expected and unexpected expenses such as car repair, monthly rent, home improvement, debt consolidation or university fees.

No Requirement of Reapplying

No Requirement of Reapplying

If you want to repay early and end the loan, you are welcome to do so. Moreover, if you want to apply for another loan, you do not have to reapply, and you get loans on the same terms.

Comfortable and Flexible Lending

Comfortable and Flexible Lending

There is no burden of submitting many documents, no worry of getting delayed assistance, and no fear of losing collateral. Apply for unsecured loans with a free mind.

Loan Approval on Income

Loan Approval on Income

When no collateral is needed and no guarantor is mandatory, the approval criterion is defined by your income capacity. Thus, apply for a loan when you are earning.

Past Credit Score is Irrelevant

Past Credit Score is Irrelevant

The most significant benefit of unsecured personal loans is that your past credit score becomes irrelevant. It happens when your present credit performance is satisfactory and showing improvement

Raise a Positive Credit History

Raise a Positive Credit History

If you are applying for a loan for the first time, you have a better chance with us to build a positive credit history. Apply for unsecured loans and repay within the given schedule.

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An unsecured personal loan allows you to make a big purchase or consolidation debts with no hassle. We offer these loans at lower interest rates and involve lower-cost monthly instalment.

The loan is indeed an influential financial tool, but you should take it as a serious responsibility. We are among the genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland suggesting you know the pros and cons of any loan before applying for it.


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