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Are you looking for a cash loan? Come and apply for these door-to-door loans or home credit loans. With us, you have the guidance of experienced agents, flexible repayments and maximum chances of loan approval.

How Much You Want to Borrow


People apply for loans either in two ways: traditional and digital. Conventional lending is more formal and mainly bank-oriented. It is more trusted but time taking. On the other hand, digital lending involves online lenders, and it is known for quick financial assistance.

Doorstep loans are another form of lending, which is based on the principle of comfortable borrowing. These are also personal loans but more personalised than others. It creates an opportunity where the borrowers can interact with lenders more directly. These are also called cash loans or door-to-door loans, where the loan process is done at the borrowers’ home.

Financealoan is a responsible lender of doorstep loans offering competitive interest rates and easy modes of repayments. We have a qualified team of loan experts who walk into your location with complete responsibility of helping you financially.

What are Doorstep Loans?

Doorstep loans represent a unique form of lending where the process is done at the borrowers’ home. As a borrower, you only have to apply online, confirm a meeting and the lender sends its agent to complete the process.

A home-based credit suited the best to those who do not have enough time or cannot visit the loan market due to specific reasons.

The best thing about these loans is that the lender sends the same agent to the borrowers’ doorstep to collect the repayment. It minimises the chance of missing any loan instalment, which is good for your credit score

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The instant doorstep loans are meant for small funding primarily applied during the financial emergency. Therefore, you should not apply for these funding sources to get longer funding. Otherwise, you will waste your loan application and time too. Apply for these loans only when you have urgent funding needs, such as:-

  • Consolidate multiple debts
  • Broken home appliances
  • Purchasing new appliances
  • Getting loans after refusal from traditional lenders
  • Paying utility bills
  • Paying monthly rent
  • Filling funding gap during the large purchase

Your loan purpose can be anything, but we vouch for providing you with the best lending experience. We suggest you apply for these door-to-door loans early in the day or week so that you can have an early meeting with our agent.


Small loans are largely applied for personal uses, as they are more suited to everyday expenses. There are some aspirants who post the query where they ask for urgent loans in Ireland for their small business.

Will doorstep lending be applicable to small businesses? We cannot say about other lenders, but we can consider your loan application for your small business.

If you are doing a home-based business and earn a sufficient return to ensure the repayments, we can approve your loan. Another reason why these loans are beneficial is their short-term nature.

These loans are for very small needs and end quickly, and you do not have to wait for months to end the loan instalments.

Nevertheless, we suggest you borrow the amount only during a financial emergency or when your business needs quick funding.


In this advanced world, everything has come at your fingertips. Applying for loans is no exception in this regard. The options like instant cash loans in Ireland bring out specialised financial assistance for individual needs. Every activity is done in your comfort and at your home, which means quick assistance will be there.

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Instant Loan Decision

Small loans do not have too many formalities. The same applies to these cash loans, where loan approval and fund disbursal is done on the same day. We have experienced loan experts who quickly respond to the loan query and visit your home to ensure a smooth loan approval.

Direct Communication with Lender

Another vital benefit of these instant cash loans is that you can directly communicate with your lender. There may be a chance where you have some confusion regarding any loan norm. You can clear every doubt during the face-to-face meeting with the lender’s agent in such a situation.

No Security to Pledge

You can apply for these loans without putting any collateral at risk. The amount is small to borrow, and we are sure that you can repay it from your capable monthly income. It is obvious that putting your asset at risk does not make sense to get such a small amount.

No guarantor is needed

Guarantor’s presence surely increases your loan chances, but the absence also does not hurt your loan approval prospects. Yes, we are ready to offer these quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor required.

No Problem if You Have Bad Credit

The credit score is an essential part of a loan process. Some people have a good credit score, while some struggle with this. Individuals having poor credit scores can easily approach us to get loan approval on doorstep loans. Their bad credit does not halt their loan chances. In fact, you can improve it with our flexible repayment schedules.

Financealoan provides you with many loan benefits but still, we suggest you apply according to your affordability. Do not borrow more than your repayment capacity, as it may impact your credit record.


Jobless individuals are in a vulnerable position while they apply for a loan. The traditional lenders are very specific about the loan repayments, and thus, they do not prefer unemployed people even if there is a request for small funds.

At Financealoan, we come in front to help you by bringing specialised deals on doorstep cash loans for the unemployed. It means you can apply for the loans as others borrowers do by sitting at home and getting loans at home.

With these loans, you have following features:

If not the full-time income, you can generate loan approval chances through your part-time income (which should be a minimum of €600). The borrowed amount will be small, and your part-time income can do this for you

If you are living on benefits, we still approve your loan application. This is a unique factor of our lending process and shows how flexible we are for our prospective borrowers.

You can borrow funds till finding out the new employment. Suppose your loan term ends, you can straightway renew the same loan, and we are ready to offer that on the same interest rate as well.

There is another condition where these loans in Ireland for the unemployed are beneficial. Suppose you are switching your job from one company to another. If the gap goes longer, you can manage the funds with regular cash flow through these easy loans during that period.

Unemployment cannot restrict you from borrowing funds, and we are responsible enough to fund your financial needs during this period. Still, we want to inform you that we only offer affordable loan deals based on your income and financial capacity.


Continues financial mess creates many challenges in front of you. Options like provident doorstep loans are there to help the borrowers in this tricky period. However, not everyone is capable of approaching those loans from prominent lending institutions.

Financealoan comes as the nice alternative for provident loans in Dublin or any city in Ireland where the features and benefits are based on one core objective, such as:

Providing the best of financial assistance to each borrower and at their own comfort

When it comes to comfort, we are already prepared with a borrower-friendly deal on doorstep loans. These help you in various forms, such as:-

As Financial Lifeline

Emergencies come with a surprise, and your monthly income does not the capacity to bear them. Therefore, our instant cash loans come as the exact solution through which you access quick funding and eradicate the consequences of that financial emergency.

As a Means of an Improved Credit Report

Yes, unlike other private agencies in Ireland, we have a set array of financial products like door-to-door loans that help in credit record improvement as well. We give flexible repayment terms on each loan deal, which suit everyone’s income capacity.

After availing of doorstep loans with us, you do not have to worry about missing repayments. We send our agents to your doorstep to collect fortnight, weekly or monthly repayments. With no missing repayment, you can improve your credit score too.

As a Pocket-friendly Product

We do not ask for any hidden fees or upfront charges from our borrowers. Only the interest rates you need to pay, which are also competitive in the market. Moreover, we have also arranged a facility where you do not have to pay any fees for the early repayments. Indeed, our loans are suitable for everyone’s pocket.

Comfort, convenience and customer-friendly are the synonyms of doorstep cash loans at Financealoan. Do not miss this opportunity to get the loans on your affordability. Sit and start applying for doorstep loans.

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