Come out from the fear of bad credit or very poor credit score. Get cash into your bank account on the same day within 10 minutes. Flexible repayments give you a way to improve the credit score and open up the doors of more borrowing opportunities.

How Much You Want to Borrow


Credit check has been the mandatory process when someone applies for a loan. Every lender has to do a compulsory credit check and ensures affordable loan deals. Over the years, it has been found that a hard credit check does not provide soft loan approval to the borrowers.

Some private lenders in Ireland have come up with a soft credit check approach. It comes as a nice alternative for those who have rejected their loan application due to the hard credit check. It becomes a challenge for those who have a poor credit history.

There is a new lending approach that comes up from the online lending platform. It is where neither hard credit check nor soft credit check is done. The lenders are approving the loan application by bringing the best no credit check loans.

What are No Credit Check Loans?

No credit check loans are literally the short-term loans applied mainly during the financial emergency.

In this funding option, the lender does not examine the credit record of the borrower and provide the loan approval based on their monthly income and affordability.

This option is mainly applicable for those with bad credit, but their recent credit performance is entirely satisfactory. Therefore, the concept of this lending option depends more upon the present, not on the past.


Comfort in applying for a loan is what you desire when approaching a direct lender. No credit check loans can be the synonym of that comfort, especially your credit record. We take that comfort to the next level by providing loans at home.

Yes, it means you do not have to go anywhere to get the needed funds. We arrive at your doorstep and guide you during the entire process. Once everything is done, we release the funds to your active bank account on the same day.

With this facility, you will have the following benefits of instant doorstep loans with no credit check:-

  • No chance of error: You process the loan under the guidance of our representative at your home. Therefore, it reduces the chance of making an error in the application.
  • The process takes only a few minutes: When everything is done at your doorstep, the process does not take too much time to complete. It means you will have instant funding during a financial emergency.
  • No administration fees: We do not charge any administration fees while processing the loans. You need to pay only the interest rates, and affordable deals are assured.

Do not think too much when getting loans without a credit check at your doorstep. Start applying now.


Circumstances may happen when you lost grip on your overall credit record. It results in either a bad credit score or a very poor credit score, which are considered the worse performance in the ground of lending hub.

Now, your bad or worst credit score does not halt your loan chances. At Financealoan, you have multiple advantages to obtain loans with no credit check. These are:-

A Suitable lending product for a financial emergency

When you are going through the tough phase of a financial emergency, you need quick funding assistance. It can only be possible through small loan options or, perhaps, emergency loans with no credit check. These are specially designed funding product to tackle the financial mess.

An ideal choice for those with CCJ

County Court Judgement (CCJ) is like a blot to your financial record. You have to remove it from your record. The best way is to apply for no credit score check loans, as these are easily available with no credit assessment. You get adequate funding to pay dues and remove CCJ against your name.

Best way to improve the credit score

These loans are available for a small amount and shorter duration. The monthly instalments are not hefty and manageable from your monthly income. If you repay the loan on time, it has a positive impact on to your credit score. Remember, an improved credit score opens more borrowing chances.

A Good Option for First-Time Borrowers

Some people struggle with poor credit history, but some have trouble with no credit history. Yes, they are primarily first-time borrowers. If you are one among them, then no credit check loans are the ideal option to build a positive credit score. You only need to make scheduled loan repayments.

No Personal Asset is needed to Pledge

Another benefit that we bring for our prospective borrowers is that they do not have to pledge a personal asset to secure the borrowing amount. These are unsecured personal loans ideal for fulfilling small financial needs without any risk of losing possession of any asset.

Available for both Tenants and Homeowners

The availability of loans without credit check is for both tenants and homeowners. We are the responsible private lender in Ireland and follow a flexible approach while helping people financially. Whether you have your home or living as a tenant, you are eligible for these quick loans.

These advantages are enough to describe what we have for our borrowers. Our primary aim in providing no credit check loans is to help those individuals who have learned from their past and manage their current finance better. It means these loans help you get adequate funds and regain financial balance in your life. Don’t hesitate; apply now.


Losing the full-time income stops the regular cash flow to your bank account. It also harms your loan chances. In such a scenario, getting our assistance as no credit check loans for the unemployed in Ireland is a huge relief.

If you need substantial funding help, we have specific unemployed loans. These loans work suitably for small instant funding, especially when your credit score is not scrutinised.

We do not mind if you do not have regular income and your past credit does not impact.

The loan approval will only be based on your recent making of all payments on time. You are earning a part-time income and managing every expense from it. All these factors contribute to your loan approval chances.

However, you need to follow a few instructions, which can be as below:-

  • Do not ask for a higher amount because these cash loans for the unemployed suit most during the funding urgency;
  • Do not apply for loans at several locations at one time. If you apply for the loan from us, there is no need of applying somewhere;
  • You can also use your unemployment benefits as the repayment sources, as we can accept them.


You might be struggling in finding out the right person to take your loan guarantee. You cannot take too much time in this, as a financial emergency is already going on. In such a scenario, you certainly want double benefits like no credit check loans with no guarantor.

We try hard to ensure both these facilities by not requiring the guarantor’s signature while approving the loan applications. Instead, the criterion to approve the loan request is the borrowers’ monthly income and the capacity to repay the loan within the prescribed term.

We are among very few reliable private lending agencies in Ireland, which can vouch for guaranteed loan approval with no credit check and no guarantor. The interest rates may be slightly higher than standard loan option. Still, the approval rate is quite high unlike mainstream lenders.

If no credit check becomes impossible, we conduct only a soft credit check to ensure a smooth loan approval. Here too, there is no need for any guarantor.


Every loan option has advantages and disadvantages for the borrowers. Financealoan does offer short term no credit check loans with full responsibility and dedication. Therefore, we feel we have to familiarise you with the risks involved while applying for these loans.

  • You may have to pay higher interest rates than any other standard loan option;
  • As these loans are easily available, you may tend to apply, again and again that may harm your credit profile;
  • You cannot seek long-term funding with these loans because these are suitable for only financial emergency;
  • With no credit perusal, you may become careless in knowing your credit score, which should not happen;
  • If your recent financial performance is still not satisfactory, there are more chances of loan denial.

We can assure you to minimise such risks when you apply for loans with no credit check here. Our lending experts are ready to assist you with their fee-free guidance.


At Financealoan, we aim to be honest and treat our borrowers in an unbiased manner. We are the responsible lending agency for loans without credit check available if your credit performance is quite good. We can still assist you with soft credit check too.

100% Online Loan Application

You do not have to waste time and money finding us at the loan marketplace. Of course, we are ready to welcome you, but we have a vast online presence all over Ireland, making it easier for you to apply by filling out a single-page application form. No paperwork and no legwork are required, and quick approval is there.

Doorstep Funding Is There

To make further comfortable for you, we have prepared ourselves to offer you door-to-door no credit check loans. In this, we send our representative to your home to complete the loan process and later collect the repayment. It is an ideal option for those who do not have enough time.

Loans on Affordability

This is the basic principle of our lending approach. We only offer an affordable loan option where you borrow according to your repayment capacity. We analyse your monthly income and then finalise the loan amount, interest rate and repayment schedule accordingly.

You have all the loan features to obtain from us. Therefore, waiting for the opportunities does not make sense when we have already prepared an ideal chance to save your finances.

Be part of responsible lending practices and get affordable no credit check loans to avoid financial mess. Apply now and send your application. We quickly go through your application, send an obligation-free loan quote and give approval within a few minutes.

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