Everyone likes to buy a dream car, so why not you? Yes, go ahead with your car purchase by obtaining the tailor-made car finance options from us. Get the approval within 24 hours, even if you want a car for personal use or commercial purposes.

How Much You Want to Borrow


Do you want to purchase a new car? Are you looking for a used car in better condition? Well, you can aspire for the best vehicle suitable for your family, but it requires a sufficient amount of money to your bank account. Whether you want a luxury car or a budget car, money is the thing that makes this possible for you.

Whatever your reason to buy a car, personal or professional, you must have not enough savings to pay the total price. At some point in time, you need funding assistance from somewhere. In such a scenario, Financealoan brings the best possible solution in the form of car finance in Ireland.

Car finance is perhaps the best way to accomplish the desire of buying your loved car. With extensive competition in the lending market, you can get finance in Ireland at the best possible rates.

Our car finance option available for:-

  • Used Cars

  • New Cars

  • Cars for Commercial Purpose

  • Cars for travel purpose

  • Utility Vehicles

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Are you in trouble with a bad credit rating? Is it preventing you from getting your dream car? It does not stop because, at Financealoan, it is not difficult to get affordable car finance with bad credit. In fact, it is as smooth as our bad credit loans in Ireland.

You only need to do your homework right and get approval, even if your credit score is quite low.

We have every restriction from any car for which you want to get financed. It means you automatically become eligible to purchase any affordable car, as our attractive finance deals are already there to benefit you.

How to do the homework? There is nothing extraordinary required. You only need to prepare yourself as you do for personal loans in Ireland with bad credit.

  • Evaluate personal and financial circumstances especially paying off all the pending debts;
  • If possible, know your credit score by referring an agency (it will help us too to prepare affordable car finance deals for you);
  • Maintain your finance details ready so that you can answer any question without wasting time;
  • Try to finance a low-value car that is affordable and less costly in maintenance.


Are you seeking the guaranteed car finance in Ireland? The guaranteed word often creates confusion among the borrowers, but we try hard to make it possible for you. Nevertheless, we bring many benefits to your favour. These are:-

Flexible Loan Terms

Our deals on car finances do have flexible loan terms. You have the liberty to choose your own term that is suitable to your monthly income and repayment capacity. You should select a loan term that you can manage. Otherwise, it will affect your credit score.

Choice of Fixed and Flexible Interest Rates

Not only the flexible loan terms but also the flexible interest rates that we provide. However, we also have fixed interest rates, but you can opt for variable interest rates if you are not comfortable with them. Both the options have their own advantages.

Tax Deductions

If you want a car finance option for your business purpose, you benefit from tax deductions. Indeed, it is the best way to save more money and use it for your business growth. However, the finance should be according to your financial capacity.

Early Repayment

You have decided on a particular loan term, but if you have enough savings to make the early repayment before the loan term ends, you are welcome to do so. We do not charge any extra fee for the early repayment, but you should inform us before.

100% Online Procedure

As the responsible private lender in Ireland, we keep everything online so that you can have a quick funding access. You must have booked the car in advance but need money quickly as the delivery is about to happen. In such circumstances, the best option is online car finance for you.

Financealoan presents a reliable lending platform for a practical car purchase. You can have multiple finance deals available in which you can choose according to your car model and the price. However, we offer only affordable loan deal where everyone gets finance according to their repayment capacity.


Gone are the days when everything was fixed on car finance in Ireland and borrowers did not have any choice. As the new-age lender, we have changed that trend and arrange multiple options for you to choose the best one. It makes it easier for you to borrow according to your affordability and ensure a well-balanced financial life.

The striking elements of our Car Finance are:-

Finance for cars in Ireland

Variable-rate of interest

Starts from 6.7%

Minimum-Maximum Term

1 year to 5 years

Repayment options

Weekly or Monthly Repayments

Payment holiday

Up to 2 months

Minimum Documentation

No burden of paperwork

These are only a few features, and many more are there to ensure convenience while indulging in car finance with us. Still, if there is anything in your mind, you are free to ask our financial experts to guide you on everything without charging any cost. You only need to apply online, and we will manage the rest of the things.


Getting either new or used car finance in Ireland has become easy thanks to the digital lending platform. Still, not everyone would able to get the best deal due to a lack of market knowledge. As the responsible private lender, we want to suggest some valuable points to choose the best deal.

These are given below:-

  • Before applying for car finance, get your actual credit score from any of the loan agency.
  • Comparing the interest rates is a good habit, and you can compare our rates with any other lending agency by using any car loan calculator in Ireland.
  • If possible, try to keep a shorter loan term as you have to pay less, and it ends early.
  • Many people choose a broker to find out the best deal, but it adds an extra burden to their finances. You can approach us directly without any interference

The above tips are crucial, but the essential thing for your point of view is borrowing according to your affordability. Once you decide the amount for car finance, keep one thing in mind: you have to repay it. Make all the repayments on time because any missing payment can affect your credit record.


With the presence of multiple car finance options, borrowers like you have many facilities to obtain. One of them is getting car finance in Ireland with no deposit. It involves an arrangement where you do not have to pay anything in advance.

Once the car is reserved with the dealer and you have taken its possession, you will have to pay the amount in equally divided monthly instalments up to a set loan term.

  • Send a no-deposit quote requesting for no advance payment while purchasing the car;
  • If accepted, you do not have to make any payment before possessing the car;
  • Get your car, drive it, and start repaying the amount after 30 days of car purchasing.

The option of no deposit car finance in Ireland is quite popular, and we are providing you with adding many more features to it.


Are you looking to buy your dream car despite not having a full-time job? Financealoan is here for you. Get the benefit of flexible car finance for unemployed and go ahead with your aspiration.

You only need to assure us that you can afford the loan and keep paying monthly instalments on time. Having a good credit score is indeed a plus point, but we have arrangements for people with bad credit too. However, you may have higher interest rates, but the chance of loan approval is always there.

We offer a variety of car finance options for the unemployed to make it easier for them. Such as:-

  • Secured Car Loans: If you do not have a steady income source but have an asset to pledge, you can get approval on secured car finance. It brings you the advantages like lower interest rates and an opportunity to borrow a large amount.
  • Car Finance with Guarantor: Why not bring a person with a better credit record who can take a guarantee of you? Indeed, it is an ideal solution if you are unemployed and struggling with car finance
  • Use Your Part-time Income: We can arrange car finance deals if your part-time has the strength of repaying the loan. However, we suggest you borrow a small amount with your additional income.
  • Car Finance for Pensioners: If you are receiving a pension but cannot attract a deal on car finance, then we are the right lending hub for you. We can help you by providing car loans for pensioners at competitive interest rates.

Do not hesitate to call us anytime if you have any query on unemployed car finance. Our qualified team is more than happy to answer your query. Moreover, they are quick to respond to your car finance request and approve the application to allow same day loan disbursal.


Choosing the best deal on car finance can be time-taking, need paperwork and bring approval within a week. It happens mainly with the mainstream lenders, as they have fixed lending norms and lengthy process. They even deny car finance application from unemployed or people with a bad credit score.

At Financealoan, you have a better finance alternative where you can avail higher loan amount and competitive interest rates.

You always have our assistance alongside when you are going to purchase your dream car. We assist you irrespective of your financial requirements and circumstances. You get better rates from us, and a simple and straightforward online procedure is always there.

You can apply for car finance in Ireland by sitting at any relaxed place and on the digital platform. Approval and fund transfer comes on the same day. Of course, there is a credit check, but it will be only a soft credit check or no credit check for those who have an excellent performance in their current payments.

Whether you need finance for a brand new car or a used one, we have everything for you, allowing peace of mind. We do everything convenient for you, and therefore at Financealoan, we are your faithful car finance ally. Apply now

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