Are you finding it tough to cope up with your bad credit score? You need a second chance to borrow money to ride on your dream car. Get Financealoan on your side and obtain higher approval chances on car finance for bad credit on competitive rates.

How Much You Want to Borrow


Have you been rejected for car finance just because you have a bad credit profile? Well, this is not the end of the world. You deserve a second chance to borrow desired money and to buy your dream car.

At Financealoan, we have made special arrangements for you to get easy access to car finance in Ireland despite the bad credit. We are ready to provide you with conditional approval based on your loan affordability.

You have a poor credit record because of some reasons or circumstances. Sometimes, it is not your mistake to have such a bad record, but circumstances create this. We understand this and ready to offer car finance despite your less-than-perfect credit score.

We provide this facility all over Ireland, and you can apply where you are living. A 100% online procedure requires minimum documentation and ensures quick fund disbursal.

What is Bad Credit Car Finance?

Bad credit car finance in Ireland is a specialised funding product applicable for those having low credit ratings. This is also called second-chance car finance because mainstream lenders deny the car finance application due to poor credit records.

Online lenders have come as an alternative and offer car finance for poor credit on flexible terms.

I have a credit score of 500; can I Apply for Car Finance?

Yes, you can apply with such a borderline credit score, as it seems that your score is about to improve if you make all repayments on time

Can I Get Car Finance with Poor Credit and No Guarantor?

Yes, you can have a chance of availing of car finance despite a lower credit score and no guarantor. We can approve your application on your income basis and affordability for the loan repayments.

How Instantly Can I Improve My Credit Score?

We have flexible repayment terms in which you choose the most suitable one. It helps you in paying timely monthly instalments until the loan term ends.


With continuous rejections from the traditional lending institutions, you are more likely to apply for car finance with bad credit history in Ireland, where you have better chances. We represent a reliable lending place where you have maximum approval chances on car finance. You only need to be sincere on these pointers.

Know Your Actual Credit Score

Many individuals make a mistake where they apply for car finance without knowing their actual credit score. You should be familiar with your credit score no matter it is good or bad. It helps you apply for the loans within your financial limit and helps lenders frame affordable loan deals.

Pay Maximum Car Deposit

Another trick is to pay the maximum car deposit so that you can look for a shorter amount to borrow. With such a small amount, the lender has no objection to approving your loan application despite a poor credit score. You can manage the monthly instalments easily, and the loan term also ends quickly.

Borrow on Affordability

Before applying for car finance in Ireland, you should analyse your income capacity and affordability to avail of a loan on particular interest rates. It will contribute not only to borrowing desired funds but also to improving the credit scores. However, you should be sincere in loan repayment until the loan term.

Keep your Earning Status Active

Your credit score is already in bad condition and a guarantor is also not mandatory. It is indeed a huge relief for you, but your income status holds significance in such a condition. Try to avoid applying for car finance when you do not have a full-time job. Apply only when you are earning.

Stay with Shorter Term

Try to keep the loan term shorter, as it increases the approval chances. Your bad credit record often creates confusion among the lenders whether they should approve your loan application or not. They feel less risk in offering smaller loan term and a small amount to the poor credit borrowers.


When you have a blemished credit report, some people ask you a question: why is there a need of buying a car with bad credit in Ireland? According to them, you can wait and first improve your credit score and then apply.

They are right to their point of view, but there is every reason to opt for car finance despite not satisfactory credit record. If you have a bad credit score, we have specialised car finance deals for you, including these benefits:-

Approval on Your Income

The most significant advantage you have with poor credit car finance is getting approval on your income. There will be no obstacle of credit assessment or presenting a guarantor. Even providing collateral is also not mandatory. Get approval on the capacity of your monthly earning.

It opens up More Choices

With this finance option, you have more choices to borrow money for any car. Whether it is a new car or a used one, you can get finance. However, finance will be available according to the value of the car and the deposit you have paid.

Deals with No Deposit are also there

Are your surprised? Yes, there is a possibility of getting bad credit car finance with no deposit. If you have a guarantor or your income is good enough to manage the instalments of the maximum car amount, you can get finance for your car with no deposit.

Soft or No Credit Check

After approaching us for car finance for poor credit, one more benefit is no credit check. Yes, keep your recent credit performance up and acceptable, and we approve your loan application without credit perusal. If there is a need, we only do a soft credit check.


You can get in touch with us anytime and anywhere to avail the best deal on car finance despite a lower credit score. We have a vast online presence all over Ireland, and our borrowers are already availing our bad credit car finance in Dublin, Limerick, Waterford, Belfast, Galway, Sligo and many more.

Since the procedure is online and minimum paperwork is required, many individuals want us as their financial partner when they go for a car purchase.

  • Pre-Approval

    Apply in advance for bad credit car finance in Cork or any other place and get pre-approval from us. Our financial experts are already ready with their assistance and make everything easier for you.

  • Small Loan Process

    There are no complicated steps and time-taking approval. Instead, everything is instant, and you can have the desired funds on the same day of your application submitted. However, you should be sincere in the process.

  • No ‘third-party’ Interference

    We are the responsible private lender in Ireland and provide financial assistance with direct communication with our borrowers. You do not need any broker to approach us and any guarantor to seek the loan approval.

Owning a car is not far away from you, even if you have a poor credit score. Be confident irrespective of your credit history, and trust us to get a second chance with car finance for bad credit. Apply now..