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Take control of your financial emergency instantly with a Financealoan’s quick loans. Apply now online and avail the amount from €1000 to €10000 with a same-day fund transfer to your account.

How Much You Want to Borrow


A quick loan in Ireland brings immediate access to funds that you can use to pay our regular or unexpected bills or other expenses. The need for emergency money arrives, especially when there is an urgent car repair, unprecedented medical bills, university fees, or rent. In such situations, waiting for the next salary day is not possible for you, and you apply for quick loans.

These instant loans are usually approved within an hour, and we allow same day fund transfer to your bank account. With such a fast fund disbursal, you can have peace of mind and balance your financial life.

At Financealoan, the process to apply for quick cash loans in Ireland is 100% online. We take an instant loan decision to allow you to borrow up to €10000. We do not ask for your loan purpose but expect regular loan repayments from your end until the loan term completes.

  • Excellent Loan Rates

    You find here the loan rates most competitive in the market, which start from 8.5% p.a.

  • Flexible Loan Terms

    You plan your loan deal by choosing the suitable loan term up to 60 months.

  • No Documentation

    Submit your loan application without taking stress of any paperwork.


There is nothing complicated than having a bad credit score and denial from the lender. You are not a credible borrower who can ensure a timely repayment. We follow a different path altogether. We follow a flexible lending approach while offering bad credit loans on instant decision in Ireland.

Getting a loan despite less-than-perfect credit history is a huge financial support for you. While dealing with your loan application, we do not mind what you have done in the past. Instead, we look at what you are doing now.

Keep up your recent credit performance high and get the loan approval with the following advantages.

  • Soft credit check to ease approval more

    Most people with poor credit scores worry about the credit check process. At Financealoan, there is no need of worrying about anything. A credit check is a vital part of the loan process, but we do it softly. You still have maximum chances of loan approval.

  • Instant funding for short-term cash needs

    We do not delay the fund disbursal, and financial emergencies do not allow anyone to sit and relax. Instead, you need instant funding for your short-term cash needs. Our quick and legit loans for bad credit in Ireland will satisfy the aspirants.

  • Opportunity to go up in credit score situation

    If you are sinking in a bad credit situation, then applying loan can be risky for you. Still, we encourage you to apply for loans because our flexible repayment schedules will improve your credit score.

  • Your credit score remains confidential

    When your credit score is not good enough, you do not want to reveal it in the market. As the responsible private lender in Ireland, we understand this and guarantee that your credit score will remain confidential.


The ongoing financial mess and your poor credit situation force you to look for only no credit check loans. Traditional lenders are not interested in this aspect, and they do a credit check. On the other hand, private lenders like us can treat some loan applications without a credit check.

We do this in three conditions:-

  • If you are significantly improving in your recent credit; OR
  • If you are applying for loans for the first time and with no credit history; OR
  • If you are already availed of a loan with us and applying for another loan (in such case, we have already checked your score in the previous loan)

If you belong to all of these points, we can even reckon your request on no credit check loans with no guarantor too.


From pet care expenses to broker boilers, home improvement, car repair and so on, whatever your financial need is, let us help you. We are ready to assist our prospective borrowers with urgent loans in Ireland, available at competitive interest rates.

The loan process is simple and straightforward. Still, our prospective borrowers have some queries on what they should do to get quick loans on the same day. As a responsible private lender in Ireland, we take care of each query and advise you on valuable suggestions.

Analyse How Amount Do You Need

We know that you are facing a financial emergency. Still, we suggest you consider how much amount you need. Whether you need €1000, €5000 or €10000, you should decide the amount according to your repayment capacity. Getting an affordable loan deal is crucial to your financial balance.

Consider for How Long You Need a Loan for

Emergency funding creates a ruckus into your financial life. Still, you need to be sincere while borrowing during this crucial time. Consider your current financial situation and income capacity, and then decide the loan tenure accordingly. You can select the term up to 60 months, and we offer you the option of repaying early.

Keep your personal details organised

However, not much documentation is needed, but we suggest you keep your personal details in order. It allows quick processing of loan because you have kept everything ready. The details may include your bank account, previous employments and current monthly income.

Try to Apply Early in the Day

We suggest you apply for an instant loan in Ireland early in the day. It will increase your chances of getting desired funds immediately or on the same day. Try to avoid during bank holiday and weekend.

Do Not Apply at Too Many Places

During a financial emergency, you may tend to apply for loans at many lenders. It is an unfair practice because it reveals your financial situation in the market and your credit score. Financealoan is the best place to apply for loans and get quick approval, as everything is online.

We try hard to ensure the right lending platform where you can save your time, effort and raise the opportunity of guaranteed loan approval. However, we offer only affordable loan deals defined according to your repayment capacity and recent financial performance. Do not borrow more than your capacity as you have to repay the amount. Any missing repayment can affect your credit score.


Both quick loans and small loans in Ireland fall into the category of personal loans. These have almost the same objectives, like helping people in their short-term financial needs and availability despite history or unemployment status.

There is one more similarity between these lending products that both are available online. We provide both the loans through digital format to ensure quick fund disbursal for each borrower. Our representatives work fast on each loan application and try hard to transfer the funds on the same day of application submitted. Due to this, both the loan options are also called instant 24 hour loans.

Despite some similarities, borrowers need to understand that there are dissimilarities as well. We have summarised the difference between quick loans and small loans.

Quick Loans

  • Apply for quick loans during extreme financial emergency
  • No guarantor and no collateral are needed
  • Maximum limit up to €10000
  • No credit check may be a possibility
  • Anyone can apply; from student to a retired person

Small Loans

  • Usually applied for any short-term financial need
  • Collateral or guarantor may require depending upon the individual circumstances
  • Apply for small loans to borrow up to €15000 or sometimes €25000
  • The approval comes through a soft credit check policy
  • Availability of loans depends upon individual financial needs and capacity


A quick loan is popular with different names, such as fast loans, instant 24-hour loans, and even no credit check loan. However, unlike payday loans, these funding sources are longer in duration. In payday loans, you have to repay the loan on your next payday. While in quick loans, you have a bit longer loan repayment term.

One thing that may be common between these instant loans is the online application process. For quick loans in Ireland, simply pursue 3 easy steps to get the desired amount on the same day.

Complete One-page Online Application

To apply for the loan, click here to fill an online form where only a few personal details are required. Check all the details carefully before submitting it.

Review of your Loan Application

Once received, our lending team take a quick look at your loan application and the details mentioned. You will get a quick update to your email id.

Instant Loan Approval

After everything seems fine, we approve your loan application and transfer the desired amount to your bank account within 24 hours.

You now have the amount to your account and the flexibility to repay the loan in the form of manageable monthly instalments.


You can apply for quick loans in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Belfast, Galway or any other part of Ireland to manage the emergency expenses. You can use the loan for debt consolidation also. Purpose can be any to apply for these loans but repaying it is indeed the most crucial part.

Since no asset or no guarantor is needed as the loan guarantee, your repayment capacity becomes the sole criteria for the loan approval. To make things easier for you, we have followed the policy of FLEXIBLE REPAYMENT FACILITIES.

  • Variable Monthly Instalments

    Many lenders keep fixed monthly instalments, but it puts an extra burden on your monthly income. To ease this burden, we have arranged flexible monthly instalments where you can choose your own date to repay.

  • Automatic Deduction

    To not miss the repayment, we are giving you an option of automatic amount deduction. You tell us on which date you want to allow us to take the amount from your account.

  • Collecting Repayments at Your Doorstep

    Unlike other private lending agencies in Ireland, we give you the option of collecting the repayments at your doorstep. Our agent will come and collect the repayments, which becomes easier for you.


Whenever you need urgent money to your bank account, Financealoan works hard to bring timely financial assistance and approve a loan that matches your financial need.

Since our establishment, we have been trying hard to be as trustworthy as possible by offering borrower-friendly loan deals. The best example of this is quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor needed. It is the best option for those with bad credit scores. Finding the guarantor becomes difficult when your credit score is lower, as no one trusts your repayment capability.

Besides, we do not levy any upfront charges and do not surprise you with any cost either. The best-matched loan deal is assured for you.

To start applying for quick loans in Ireland, simply press the ‘Apply Now’ button.

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