Are you in extreme concern for your finances after losing a job? Cover up any expected or unexpected expenses despite not having a full-time job. Our unemployed loans take such features suitable to everyone’s pocket and bring funds until finding a new job.

How Much You Want to Borrow


Losing a full-time job and facing a sudden financial emergency due to lack of steady income are indeed tricky situations to deal with. You cannot use savings for a long-time, as there will be an end to it. Therefore, what would be the ideal solution to this?

Loans for unemployed in Ireland can be the perfect answer to your financial queries. Reasons can be anything to seek for these loans, but it is the only way to resolve these challenging circumstances

These are the short-term unsecured loans, applicable for those with no full-time monthly income. Traditional lenders also have the arrangements for the same, but online lenders seem the better choice for unemployed loans, as they help instantly. You just need to show your repayment capacity, and you will get the approval.

Financealoan is a specialist private lender for loans for the unemployed. We are ready to accept your loan application from other sources of income apart from full-time monthly income.

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Flexible Repayment Schedules
  • No Surprising Cost or Upfront Charges

The loan process is online, ensuring a quick response to a loan query. Minimum documentation is needed, but same-day fund disbursal is assured

The duration and reason for unemployment can vary from person to person. Therefore, they want to have a diversity of loans for the unemployed. As a responsible private lending agency in Ireland, we understand this and offer deals according to small, medium and long-term loans for jobless people.

Small Unemployed Loans

These loans are perfect during a financial emergency where you need money instantly.

Borrowing Limit: €1000 to €5000

Loan duration: 3 Months – 24 Months

Medium Unemployed Loans

Do you want to purchase an electronic item or have unexpected bills to pay? These loans are there for you.

Borrowing Limit: €5000 to €10000

Loan duration: 6 Months – 36 Months

Large Unemployed Loans

You may be unemployed right now, but if you have multiple debts to repay, apply for long-term unemployed loans.

Borrowing Limit: €10000 to €25000

Loan duration: 12 Months – 60 Months

We do have a variety of unemployed loans. Still, we like to suggest you borrow money according to your repayment capacity. Therefore, analyse whatever your income is and then ask for the amount accordingly.


Funding is available for jobless individuals. Whether they have short-term cash needs or a more significant funding goal to achieve, they can apply for loans straightway. However, the question arises: does anyone offer unemployed loans for bad credit in Ireland?

Yes, we offer such loans for those who have lost their job and struggle with their poor credit scores. However, these are short-term loans and work best during a financial emergency.

Here are the key features of these sorts of loans:-

  • Approval on Recent Capacity: You had poor credit history even when you were earning. Now you are not shopping too much and paying bills on time through your part-time income. It means you are improving your credit score improvement.
  • Flexible Repayments: We further help you by offering flexible repayments on loans. It means you have the freedom to choose between fortnight, weekly and monthly repayments, according to the capacity of your part-time income.
  • Instant Decision: Your sincerity in the current handling of all payments brings another benefit of instant loan decisions. It is similar to getting bad credit loans on instant decision in Ireland.

Apart from these features, we can also help improve your credit scores. You only need to pay each instalment on time or choose our automatic deduction option.


Unemployed people have too many restrictions, as lenders have high-risk factors against them. With no regular cash flow, lenders are always in doubt about their repayment capacity. Does the same thing happen when they look for car loans in Ireland?

We need to consider it in two ways: traditional and modern-day lending patterns.

In traditional lending, lending doors are almost closed for those jobless individuals who want to purchase a new car. The lenders and the car dealers hesitate to offer them the loans.

If there is a slight chance, it is only for used cars. You may have to consider a bigger player in the market like car loans from Credit Union.

In modern-day lending , possibilities are there on car loans for the unemployed. Online lenders like us prefer giving opportunities of every kind to every borrower. However, the amount will be small to borrow.

You should seek such loans than filling the funding gap, which occurs all of a sudden due to job loss. The interest rates will be competitive and affordable to everyone’s pocket.


We give 24/7 access to loans in Ireland for unemployed people. We do not need their extensive financial details and a lot of paperwork. The loan process is simple and straightforward, and loans on affordability are assured.

You may feel uncertain about the approval criteria because you are not earning a full-time income. At Financealoan, we approve your loan application on other sources of income, such as:

  • Unemployed Benefits Received from the Government
  • Earnings through Self-Employment
  • Rental income from owned property
  • Returns from the investments made


Income source is the critical element of a loan process. One cannot apply for the loan without describing his/her income, as it determines their repayment capacity. Traditional lenders are stringent on this, while online lenders like us are flexible while dealing with loan applications.

Instead of full-time income, we tend to reckon with other income sources, as we have mentioned above. Still, some factors are there determining your unemployed loans application. These are:-

Your Loan Affordability

It is indeed a significant factor for your loan approval. We are the responsible private lender in Ireland and offer only affordable loan deals to each borrower. You should also show your responsibility and borrow only that amount, which you can afford. It will help in keeping your credit score in good condition too.

Your Actual Financial Needs

Some people make a mistake by applying for loans straightway without analysing their actual financial requirements. Suppose you have a bill to pay, and at the same time, you have to consolidate multiple debts. The latter expense should be your priority, and avail these loans to eradicate all pending debts.

Repayment Schedule

You can borrow the amount according to your financial need and capacity, but you have to repay that amount too. It means you have a repayment plan that is comfortable to you throughout the loan term. We give you various repayment plans to choose the most suitable one and pay easy monthly instalments.

Interest Rates

Like the repayments, the interest rates are also the critical factor of the loan process. Usually, jobless individuals have to pay higher interest rates as they lack full-time income. Financealoan relaxes you with this worry and all set to offer loans on the competitive interest rates in the Irish marketplace.

Your Credit Scores

Credit scores should be good enough to attract any loan deal. Yet, it sometimes becomes an obstacle in getting the guaranteed loan approval. We take care of this thing and prepare to offer unemployed loans for bad credit (550-624). Instead of their past credit record, we approve your loan applications on your present circumstances.


The amount you have borrowed through instant cash loans for unemployed in Ireland can be used for multiple financial purposes. It may be for expected or unexpected expenses, but loans do give you peace of mind.

To Cover Sudden Expenses

Life gives you many surprises, and you are not prepared for them. Sudden financial expenses can halt your progress and give you many Goosebumps. They may be an urgent car repair, home renovation, unexpected medical bills, and many more. Apply for our easy unemployed loans and manage all these expenses.

To Purchase Necessary Items

When you are jobless, you still need some necessary items to purchase. With no steady source of income, you can buy those items by taking quick financial assistance from these loans for the unemployed. These items can be purchasing CCTVs for your home security or purchasing a new boiler.

To Fill Financial Gaps

You may be surprised to know that these loans can help you with large purchases as well. Suppose you had already planned to purchase a new car when you were working, and now you do not have any job but car buying in its final stage. You can quickly go online and apply for our car loans to fill that financial gap to ride your dream car.

To Consolidate Multiple Debts

There is another practical use of loans for the unemployed is consolidating multiple debts. Yes, paying several debts at the same time can dismantle your financial progress, and you have to pay their interest rates separately. With these loans, you can merge all your debts into a single one and pay only a single interest rate.


Financealoan represents a reliable direct lending platform in Ireland where everything is there for every financial need. Our loans for unemployed give you an advantage over the tricky situation where you borrow money to sustain financial balance despite no job in hand.

See below what are the benefits you have while obtaining loans from us:-

  • Guaranteed Approval

    Although no lender can guarantee the loan approval, we can try hard for you and your finances. Your unemployment does not restrict you from getting this, and in fact, you get the desired amount on the same day

  • 24/7 Loan Assistance

    Our loan service is vast, and you can apply wherever you are living in Ireland. It is because we function online that gives you 24/7 loan access. At the same time, we assure you our qualified lending team quickly respond to your loan query.

  • Flexibility in Each Lending Norm

    Unlike mainstream lenders like banks, we are quite flexible in our lending method. Whether it is the interest rate or repayment, or loan eligibility criteria, we give you ample options to consider the most suitable one of them. It will help you in getting affordable loan deals.

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