How the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected the Middle-Class Families
admin July 16, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in severe consequences to people around the globe. Millions of families are affected where the loved ones lost their jobs, homes, and, unfortunately, lives. The medical bills in uncertain times were immense stress for middle-class families with limited resources.

The budget was already tight with the essential expenses, debt repayment, and other financial commitments. The medical bills added unbearable stress that made thousands homeless with no money to manage the rent. Nevertheless, there were options available to sail through the difficult situation with financial support from the government and lenders.

Reasons for the Financial Trouble of Middle Class

The medical bill alone was not the reason for the financial crisis of middle-class families. It was overwhelming to manage the bills along with the numerous other expenses. Here are the primary reasons for the financial trouble of middle-class families with the intimidating covid medical bills.

1. Cost of Treatment  

The cost of treatment was not always affordable for families without a healthcare plan. You cannot decide the physician, hospitals, and wards with the government schemes. Therefore, people were forced to spend their money to get personalized treatment.

The treatment cost with the medicines was enough to break the budget for most middle-class households. Many lost their job, and the income of businesses was reduced during the time. Therefore, the affordability for treatment was also affected to cause further damage.

2. Increased Insurance Premium

Companies increased the insurance premium of their customers with extended coverage. It was an eminent move after the surge in claims for the pandemic. The middle-class family needs more money to get health insurance for the whole family.

3. Denied Claims

The acute rise in the cases left the insurance company with no options to process every claim. They sent more and more applications to the specialist that deals with a claim denial. Thus, a large number of families paid for the treatment even after medical insurance.

After the medical emergency, many families sent the claim to the dispute management team of the insurance agency. They were in financial distress until the claim was settled. Though, the direct lenders with financial services such as guaranteed loan approval with no credit check were helpful during the uncertain time.

4. Need for Therapy

People are ignoring the psychological effect of the pandemic because of the damage control. The stress of employment, jobs, finances, and deaths is enough to cause anxiety and depression in adults. Many opted for the treatment regardless of the limited income to focus on their mental health.

It was indeed important to manage the stress to avoid mental exhaustion. You should contact a professional for help if you have any symptoms of a mental disorder. We provide doorstep loans similar to Provident loans to help the customers manage the tough expenses.

5. Reduced Income

The businesses took a serious hit from the pandemic because of the reduced food count in the market. It was tough to find crowded stores even on the busiest streets. Thus, the income of the owners and employees was reduced for the survival of the business.

Even the B2B organizations asked their employees to work with a lower salary. There was not enough work to keep the existing workforce busy. And the medical bills made the situation worse for the middle-class households with less income to manage more expenses.

6. Unemployment

It was tough for the businesses to pay the employees with the sharp decline in their income. The management was forced to let go of the employees in the absence of money and projects. Ultimately, the people were left with no fixed income to manage the medical bills.

They used the emergency fund for the treatment and regular expenses. However, it was not enough in many cases where the patients were critical. Instead of banks, people found financial support from direct lenders with cash loans for the unemployed.

7. Long-Term Health Impacts

Researchers are observing the long-term effect of the coronavirus disease on the patients. According to them, the lungs, heart, and brain are often not recovered for months after contracting the virus. Therefore, people were out of business and jobs for an extended duration.

8. Debt Repayment

Debt repayment is not easy while juggling the other major expenses such as medical bills. The government offered some relief to the borrowers by putting a hold on the repayment. But the duration was over in no time, and the families were left with reduced income, heavy medical bills, and monthly installments to managing.

You can reduce the stress of installments and the overall cost of the loans with a debt consolidation loan. It will help you repay the high-interest loans to reduce the monthly payments. Still, you should focus on the early repayment of the loan to free your finances from debts.

How Can Middle-Class Families Get Financial Support for Covid-Relief?

There are numerous reasons for middle-class families to seek financial support during the pandemic. However, they were unaware of the options because of the lack of knowledge. If you are among the ones stuck with a huge medical bill and unmanageable expenses, try the following options to get financial help –

1. Government Benefits

The government's response to the economic crisis included 3 relief packages for the people of Ireland. They can get financial support if they have lost their job or the business was shut during the pandemic. Even people with a reduced income can get the support to manage the expenses.

However, it was not easy to manage the bills and financial liabilities with a limited amount. People also were forced to take loans at high-interest rates because of the difficult eligibility and application process.

2. Loan

You can contact a financial institution to get a personal loan with the required amount and duration. It is the simplest solution with a difficult application process. The banks are very selective while accepting loan applications.

The chances of approval are very slim if you don’t have the perfect credit history. Nevertheless, you should contact a direct lender to get an instant personal loan for bad credit. The approval process is fast, and fund disbursement takes less than 24 hours.

3. Insurance

An insurance premium after the emergency will not cover the expenses. However, you should buy insurance for the family and assets for a secure future. It will help prevent the unavoidable conditions to cause financial troubles.

However, it is essential to find the vital policies to save money. Prepare yourself for a few hours of research to protect your financial future.

4. Emergency Fund

You must have an emergency fund to avoid reliance on outside financial support. It may take some time to build the emergency fund after managing the expenses during tough times. However, you should invest time and effort in saving enough money to operate the costs for 3-6 months without the income.

5. Support from Loved Ones

Pandemic was not the right time to fight the demons alone. You need the support of family and friends to manage the different situations. If not financially, they may help with the motivation to handle the difficult situation.

It is okay to feel uncomfortable while starting the conversation about life problems with your loved ones. But it will be worth the trouble because they know the words you want to hear.


To sum up, the pandemic was not easy for middle-class families with the increased stress of medical bills on their budget. You were not the only one who felt helpless and overwhelmed with the situation. But it will get easy with the right strategy to manage the expenses and pay the bills to get things back to normal.