10 Tips to Plan a Sudden Weekend Getaway Within Budget
admin September 24, 2021

People in the urban jungle are trying to maintain a balance in their stressful professional life and mental health. Sometimes, you deserve a break from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a few days of vacation. And the weekend is the only time that seems fit for the getaway without missing a day at the office.

Travel guides will always recommend booking and planning with plenty of research to keep the cost in control. But some of the weekend vacation plans are made on Thursday or Friday nights for people living a spontaneous life. They can still manage to enjoy the weekend getaway within a budget if they know the methods to save money.

How to Get Funds for a Sudden Weekend Vacation?

A weekend getaway may become a necessity to relax your mind and body after a busy week. You may feel tired of daily life and the monotonous schedule will start to deplete the mental energy. Still, many people avoid the small getaways because of financial limitations.

You can tap into your savings account to pay for the vacation and cut the expenses in the upcoming month. Many people apply for doorstep loans in Ireland to get instant cash for their vacation. You can repay the lender the next month from your paycheque or ask for an installment plan.

Tips to Save Money on Weekend Getaways

The online community is very helpful with their creative and unique ideas to save money. Though, you may not prefer to use their measures if you are new to traveling on a budget. Here are some simple tips to follow to plan your sudden weekend getaway within a limited budget.

  1. Find Reservations

Last-minute bookings on travel sites are expensive because of the increase in demand. You will find a significant difference in the price of the same hotel or flight a week after your sudden plan. However, this doesn’t mean you will not find great deals with last-minute reservations.

You should avail the newsletter of airlines and travel planners to find special offers on last-minute reservations. The hotels in your desired destination may have a few rooms empty because of cancellation. You can ask for discounts on those rooms since they don’t want to keep the rooms empty on the weekends.

  • Search the Offers

We often ignore the benefits of online booking only to pay extra to the service provider. You must check the website of hotels, airlines, or service providers to find the best offers. Some might even suggest a secret or undercover deal for selected users.

It may come as a surprise, but these deals don’t reveal the hotels until you pay for them. Commonly, they are very nice accommodations to provide value for your hard-earned money. Moreover, you can select the star ratings, date, and location in a few cases for the secret deals.

  • Add Extra Night to the Package

Hotels prefer the guests with a longer stay to avoid the troubles of frequent check-ins and -outs. You can use their approach to save money on the stay by adding an extra night to the package. They may provide a complimentary stay for a night if you book the hotel room for 3 to 5 days.

Though, you need to make changes to your travel plan and manage everything at home and office. But it will be worth the trouble with more time to relax and enjoy your time away. Also, you will fly back home on Monday or Tuesday to get reduced prices on flight booking.

The cost per day of vacation will reduce because of the additional day. You can also apply for a loan from genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland to manage the increase in expenses.

  • Visit the Destination on Saturdays

Most of the weekend travelers book their journey on Fridays to get back home by Sunday evening. They don’t want to miss the work on Monday while enjoying three days at the destination. However, you should consider the reservation for flights and hotels on Saturdays to save money.

The hotels prefer the guests to stay till Monday because of the reduced demand. Furthermore, you will find special offers to open on Saturdays on the flight booking. Some may even suggest waiting until the Saturday before your weekend getaway to get the best possible offer.

  • Remain Flexible

You cannot compare the last-minute travel plans with the ones made weeks ago. They will have your favorite destination, hotels, activities, and other services because of the availability. At the same time, the last-minute booking is extremely difficult because of the heavy demand and expensive price.

Therefore, you should remain flexible with your plan to keep the weekend getaway within the budget. It is okay to change the destination because of the rush or unavailable rooms. Moreover, you should reconsider your budget during the getaway with quick loans in Ireland from direct lenders.

  • Check the Reviews

We often miss the reviews in the rush of the last-minute booking and budgeting. The cheap packages are sometimes the reason for subpar services from the provider. Thus, you should always check the reviews before booking travel, accommodation, or services.

Do not rely on the ratings alone, as they are often fake from the service provider or their competitors. The fake reviews are easy to spot with their content since professional writers and customers don’t have the same tone. Also, check the response from the service provider to the negative reviews to set expectations.

  • Try Staycation

You don’t have to visit a distant location on the weekend to satisfy your inner traveler. The travel restriction because of the pandemic made people visit the nearby tourist destinations with their family and friends. Staycation is trending because of the limited budget and available experiences.

You can take your car to travel to the destination by road. It allows a visit to multiple destinations on the same day without the trouble of booking individual flights and cabs. Furthermore, the plan will get more flexible with the location and timings of your choice.

  • Avoid Holidays

The holiday season is not ideal for travel if you are tight on budget. Most of the families will use the holiday weekend to get away from their stressful life. Thus, overcrowding the tourist destinations with limited activities and hotel rooms are available for last-minute bookings.

Moreover, the cost of the entire vacation will increase significantly because of the holiday rush. It makes more sense to wait for the next week when the crowd will return to their home. Add the hours-long traffic that will surely ruin the entire experience of your weekend getaway.

  • Fine Cheaper Restaurants

You should research the food options available at the travel destination to keep the cost within budget. Do not visit the fancy restaurants as they might put the same food on the table at a different price. You can help the local community by eating at the small restaurants and street food.

The local cuisine is cheaper and easily available at the famous tourist destination. Many people eat at the hotel room by ordering room service or food from delivery apps. However, you should explore the neighborhood to find delicious dishes exclusive to the place.

  • Carry Water and Snacks

Traveling with kids is often big trouble because of their constant demand for food and water. You can wait to visit the destination or hotel room to order food from a reasonably priced place. But they will create a scene if they are not fed within a few moments of feeling hungry.

You should always carry snacks in your backpack to feed your children without buying the overpriced food at an airport. It will work without the children as well to save you money. Also, carry a water bottle instead of buying them every time you feel thirsty outside the hotel room.


To sum up, you can plan a sudden weekend getaway to get better deals on the bookings. It will require a few hours of research to find special offers on the internet from third-party websites or service providers. Also, remain flexible with your plan to change the timings, accommodations, itinerary, and budget based on availability.