Stay Healthy, Happy (and Save Some Money) with Digital Doctor
admin October 25, 2021

Saving money has just found a digital route.

And you should be glad to find it out that this digital ‘money-saving strategy is actually meant for saving your health.

Yes, we’re talking about digital consultations with your General Physician.

Think of the situations that have been. COVID-19 has changed almost everything in the world, from education to business to healthcare and many more. The only savior who kept us alive was the medical professionals. From our general physicians to the nurses and the healthcare workers - everybody worked in tune with the need, and countless lives were saved.

But, there might be another savior we are missing out on.

And that is nothing but the Internet and a computing device.

Imagine what the world would be if we didn’t have the privilege of the digital world.

Your kids were able to continue studying. You were able to get food and supplies for your family with its help. You could book a meeting with your boss or employees with it. You could conduct an entire business for it.

And you were definitely given the privilege of booking a medical consultation with your doctor. 

That’s what Digital Doctor does.


Read on to know more.

The Benefits of Digital Consultation Is More than What You Think

There are always good benefits when you book a consultation at the right time. As you know, timely check-ups and medical treatment can also minimize risks and save a lot of costs.

For example, timely surgeries, even with the help of a quick cash loan online in Ireland prevent major issues and catastrophic consequences.

And the good news is such emergencies or similar issues that need immediate medical attention can be identified early with a timely consultation.

With a digital consultation, that just becomes more fruitful, more efficient and, of course, fast.

Still, wondering why that would be so?

Well, you might read the following reasons (and just as the title suggests, they save you money too).

Reason 1: Talk to the GP Anytime and from Anywhere

What do you have in mind when you know you cannot commute to your GP, yet you need to do that immediately?

Well, the best way is to take the help of online consultation.

The reason is simple. Online consultation is booked and conducted anytime and from anywhere as long as you have a stable Internet connection and a device with a webcam.

Even if you do not have a camera, a consultation of this kind can easily be organized over a simple phone call or chat.

However, you’re probably missing some other thing.

It is that a GP consultation with Digital Doctor can be made 24/7. You really do not need to wait for service hours, whereas in a traditional clinic, you need to wait for the consultation, and you don’t get services if you reach outside of office hours.

This will bring us to the next point.

Reason 2: Minimise Emergencies and Save Costs

It’s something we don’t pay attention to in the first place.

Imagine if you’re down in an illness for a few days and you deemed it the best to consult a doctor.

Now, imagine this too: What if it is a holiday when clinics are not working and that you find yourself not getting the service you want.

That is going to be very stressful, right?

Added to that, an ailment needs the immediate attention of a GP, and it can take more affecting or more dangerous routes if not treated at the right time.

Here is where the necessity of an online consultation comes.

You can book an appointment with your doctor anytime to take care of your problem on an urgent basis.

Think clearly. When you look for a genuine and honest private money lender in Ireland, you obviously have the intention to avoid risks.

Similarly, when you’re taking a timely consultation, not only do you avoid the risks of aggravating a significant health issue (if that is the case), but you are also cutting off the risk or probabilities of a huge expense in the future.

That’s effective management, without a doubt!

Reason 3: You Can Get Prescriptions?

How is that possible?

As a matter of fact, it is.

The problem is that many patients think they need to reach the clinic or the GP’s chamber to get a valid prescription or instructions in writing.

But almost everything is done digitally, right? So, why can’t you get a prescription digitally?

You will.

Probably Digital Doctor made it more official by facilitating their prescriptions with an additional service.

What’s that?

Now your Doctor can get your medical needs to be done. After consultation, your doctor will send the prescription to a local pharmacy store if need be. He or she will also keep in touch with you so that you can tell them about your developments or any update you’d like to inform them.

Reason 4: You Can Save Costs for Consultation as well

Yes, generally, it takes around 60 pounds to book a consultation with the doctor in general ways.

With Digital Doctor, you can get the same consultation in cost-effective and not distracting ways.

When you work with Digital Doctor, you get additional service. It is not even aimed to replace your doctor or GP at all.

However, you can still get your primary medical services with the help of a digital Doctor.

Yes, it is affordable compared to a regular visit, and that gives you an excellent opportunity to save costs.

  • How to Get Digital Doctor Services in Ireland

It is easy.

All you need to be an Irish Life Health Account Member.

Create an Irish Life Health Account Online. Log in to that account and go to MyClinic.

You do not need anything else to do. You can now access Digital Doctor Services online and enjoy its benefits.

You can also call and get in touch with the professionals to access the services.

To do that, just give a call to 01 562 5150.

You can also contact Digital Doctor if you are in a foreign country with this number: +353 1 562 5150.

To do that, just give a call to 01 562 5150.

You can also contact Digital Doctor if you are in a foreign country with this number: +353 1 562 5150.

To Conclude: Always Look for the Best Solutions

Many healthcare professionals and GPs have said that medical expenses can skyrocket and make you feel uncomfortable and worried.

But these expenses cannot be avoided as well.

Taking money from a friend definitely works. However, there are better (and more professional) options than that.

Therefore, taking an alternative route like borrowing a No Credit Check Loan will be the best solution in this case.

Similarly, Digital Doctor’s online solution can offer either a main or a supportive service that is probably one of the best solutions to minimize the risk of disease and get you safe.

The thing is, you must use the facilities Digital Doctor is allowing you.

If you do that, you might also be aware of a new kind of treatment and help those who need it the most. Right?