Saving Money Weekly Can Get You More Profit than What You’ve Imagined
admin December 1, 2021

If you are reading this blog, then it is sure that you have been thinking about money.

Yup, we all have to do that after a certain age.

But, it can also be made efficient with a bunch of ideas …okay…different ideas this time.

So, each time you want to go for savings and get some money deposited in your bank, you end up having ‘insufficient money.

“And you gotta be desperate.”; Joel said.

Joel is an amazing video game programmer working with a developers’ team in London. He hasn’t been as wise with money as he is with coding.

“But circumstances exist, and they are going to push you somehow and in some way. You have to think of a solution or a strategy to manage it. I did it with savings goals.”, he said.

Joel wasn’t very good with money since his boyhood, as he said. His mum has been the reason to teach him about moneymaking, and he still cherishes the memory of getting a Piggy Bank for his 12th birthday gift from his mum.

“At first, I was really happy with a…you know…piggy bank as all my time was invested into playing video games. In addition, I used to get tons of them on CDs on those days for each birthday. However, both my mum and dad used to fund me with pennies at the end of each week, and, frankly speaking, I hardly paid attention to that.”

“When I started working in a software firm here in London, the same idea dawned on me, and I couldn’t help but experiment with it. I reckon it turned out profitable for me…logically speaking…you know…I’m a programmer…” he ended his statement chuckling.

Why Weekly Savings Is an Effective Decision?

Well, to say frankly, weekly saving money is quite different from the generalized way of saving money as you know it. Not all Ireland loans are mortgages. Not all accounts come with high-interest rates. Similarly, not all savings are usually done in a weekly way.

Therefore, in case you want to find out why you should start saving money per week, you might consider reading the points below:

  • Weekly savings helps you lower bills
  • It can help you save money in an organised way
  • Saving per week gives you a better amount at the end of the year
  • Saving each week will significantly increase your spending habit

Without further ado, let us get right into the discussion.

  • Weekly Savings Helps You Lower Bills

If you are looking at your bills and you want them lowered, you can make the right saving choice by helping yourself save every week.

As opposed to savings daily, a weekly saving plan pushes you to think on it and make careful observations about certain things like where you might be wasting electricity, things you need to fix or repair, or expenses you are paying without actually using them, etc.

A better evaluation is always the road to a better understanding of the financial estimation of the things you use or the services you are taking.

So, checking the OTG subscription or streaming service; evaluating the need to go to the gym every now and then; finding out if you really need to visit the pub more than once a week, and many more such investigative activities will only strengthen the fact that you are on the lookout for extra expenses.

And you’ll surely find them because you have been ‘looking for them’.

Try this out, and you’ll discover that you get bills lowered at the end of the month. Use the money as a motivation to reinforce your plan in each week of the upcoming month.

  • It Can Help You Save Money in an Organised Way

The thing about money organization is that it is one of the most important factors we all MISS nowadays.

Due to the hectic lifestyle and the most extraordinary work pressure, we face these days, being organized about money can become a little bit of trouble.

But that is why you read blogs like this one.

How to organize yourself with saving money at the end of each week?

We’re going to go a little bit in the offbeat direction from the traditional Piggy Bank way. 

Instead of investing a pence on a day and a pound on the other day, try making a schedule for spending at least a fixed amount at the end of each week.

Here’s how it is done.

You take a vow that you will save just 5 pounds at the end of a week (10 to 15 pounds is an ideal rate, though).

Now, you evaluate the services you use from the commuting option you take to the food you buy and analyze which areas can be compromised to get some extra money in your pockets so that there is always 5 pounds left to spend at the end of each week.

Do a favor to yourself.

Don’t spend it. Save it!

  • Saving Per Week Gives You a Better Amount at the End of the Year

Yes, it is true.

In case you are wondering why? Then ask yourself why do you like a full-time job than a freelance one still in 2021?

Well, because of the stability in income from the traditional 9 to 5 job, isn’t it?

The thing is, the organization makes for good work. The best thing it offers you is a predictable outcome.

And that is the best way to plan ahead and be certain of future agendas.

In case you save 10 pounds a week, you can calculate it to 12 months, meaning you can now make a total of 480 pounds at the end of each year.

While monthly savings plans can give you the same outcome, they might not offer you a larger amount as weekly savings reinforce the habit every 7 days.

If you plan to save some extra money than those 10 pounds, you can also be gifted with more money at the end of the month.

Similar to the stability found in the interest rates from a quick loan in Ireland; a weekly saving plan exhibits the same sort of regularity in itself.

And that is helpful!

  • Saving Each Week Will Significantly Increase Your Savings Habit

Ever imagined what you can do with your Piggy Bank?

It can be a small tool or a small container shaped like a pig made of plastic. But a piggy bank can teach us worthy lessons about money and spending habits.

Having a piggy bank in our childhood has indeed been a privilege.

Now, it is time to redesign that idea or that philosophy in a new way.

Piggy banks are for saving money wherever and whenever possible. These banks are made for keeping your pennies and pounds whenever possible.

Although piggy banks are worthy solutions to cultivate good (and very good indeed) spending habits, they are still the one method that is characterized by organization or planning.

But, you can bring that to this piggy bank philosophy with the help of a weekly saving plan.

The approach of saving 15 pounds each week will not only increase the spending habit and make it stronger with time, but it will also make your plan and be disciplined with saving money in a periodical sense.

Therefore, the approach you have just learned is not something offending the so-called piggy bank strategy.

But weekly savings is rather a method that elevates the piggy bank strategy to the stage of evolution.

To Conclude

Are you looking for an accepted bad credit loan in Ireland online?

Loans or borrowings also work in the same way. They give you an amount and repay them back using a steady monthly plan with the interest rate they charge you.

You do the same with weekly savings. It is just that you’re reversing the process.